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"Happy to tell you that Caring Transitions delivered with Care! Every item was packed to perfection and came here 2800 miles away intact and on time thanks to your team and 1800packrat! I can't thank you enough!"

-Kalpana P.

"Thank you for all your help with resources for a move I did for a neighbor. Even though your business couldn't help me per se, your knowledge was so valuable.

You suggested Extra Space Storage for the needed storage unit and Jose' for our move. We couldn't have been more pleased with the men you recommended.

You certainly reduced my stress level when you were so quick with returning my call and so ready to help me."

-Kay G.

"Thanks so much for your wisdom. I appreciate it so much. More than you will ever know. So many were blessed through your wise counsel. May god bless you abundantly for your help."

-Pastor Scott M.

"Thank you for the wonderful job you and your team did of moving my dad from Independent to Assisted Living at Wellington. Your suggestions and advice made the transition work."

-Anita M.

"Caring Transitions is a perfect name for your moving company. Your ability to respond quickly and with care is exceptional. You helped facilitate an unexpected return move at the drop of a hat. Also, you provided me with great insight into the "end of life" journey for my mother. Many thanks to you and your team at Caring Transitions."

-Sally S.

"I just received the glass vase. I love it. Thank you so much for your attention and careful packaging.  I appreciate your great client response." 

-Geoff W.

"Thank you so much for all your support and advice along the way. Honestly you made the extremely painful process go as smoothly as I could've possibly imagined. You really fill a niche that is necessary - therapist coupled with stuff expert. For you it's a job but for me I feel somewhat connected with you forever because you were so kind to me at my hour of need."

-Kristina C.

"Your crew is wonderful, amazing...and exhausting to watch! Thank you for sending them!

-Nancy G.

"Thank you so much for all the wonderful white glove caring for my parents' move. You all were simply wonderful!"

-Kelly F.

"Using the money you found to pay this bill!"

-Terri L.

"I want to thank you for the great service you and your team provided to Bill and his family. Your quick work allowed us to get the home on the market and sold quickly. This will bring a great sense of relief and closure to Bill."

-Vince C.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, about a week ago, when you moved my mom from Rose Tree Place to The Summit. Without too much background info, my mom and I have gone round and round about the amount of "stuff" she had, what she needed, and what she "needed", if you catch my meaning! When we moved my mom and dad from Florida, it was basically a hoarding situation, and we had a mover who helped them much like you did, but on a much larger scale. My mom was in tears for the whole time we were getting them ready, because she had such an attachment to all this junk, or thought it had monetary value. When my dad died, and we wanted to get rid of his clothing and junk HE had accumulated, again, arguing and tears and lots of stress and grief. For these reasons, I was thrilled to hear of your services and told my mom I was not going to put us through that, and she was to pay a pro to help her. 

I can't express enough how pleased I was with what you and your wife did for my mom. You helped her pack, told her what furniture would work and what needed to be left behind, and from what I could see in the short time meeting you, did it with firmness and kindness that I couldn't have managed. When we got to the new apartment and saw that you had arranged her furniture, made her bed, stocked her cabinets and bathroom, even hung artwork on the walls, I was amazed and so thankful.

You provide a great service and did a great job. Again, I am very pleased and thankful, please share this praise with your wife- Kim, I think? And your helper. They were sweet as well, and seemed joyful in their work."

-John C.

"Thank you again for helping my family get Mom's house prepared.  Your workers and the volunteers were professional and wonderful."

-Teresa H.

"Thank you. Your crew did a great job."

-Nicky M.

"I wanted to thank you again for your kind partnership during our mother’s transition.  Your team is really quite special and unique and you made a difficult time a lot easier."

-Jen P.

"You and your team were a wonderful help to me in the month of January this year, 2020! As you'll remember, my mother passed away unexpectedly December 27, and we buried her January 4.

However, we were under pressure to vacate her apartment (which was very large and full of all sorts of clothes, furniture and items, items, and more items) in only 3 1/2 weeks. I kept calling you and you helped me through one of the toughest times I can remember in my life because my grief was palpable.

I wasn't sure who I was finally going to ask in the final day to help me pack up and get out, but you became the one by always answering my phone calls and also by being so positive, kind, smart, wise and flexible. You packed up and donated numerous of my mother's remaining possessions to various charities, which provided indispensable comfort to me and my 3 siblings. In addition, at the last hour, you and your team worked with me to move important unlooked-at-before memorabilia, to a storage unit.

On the day that you and your team of five arrived, you were cordial, respectful, intelligent, helpful, flexible, strong and quick, and compassionate. As a result, I had one of the best days I've had in 2 years. It was amazing.

I am reaching out to you to thank you so that you may be well aware of my fullest appreciation...which I hope I will not forget for the rest of my life.

If you ever need me to put in a good word for you, I'd be delighted to do so."

-Laura D.

"Caring Transitions completely exceeded my expectations when we decided to hire them to assist us in de-cluttering, downsizing and moving my elderly parents.  From the first moment that we met John, we were instantly put at ease by his kind and thoughtful demeanor.  It was evident that this Caring Transitions business was much more than just a business for him.  Aiding aging folks in a time of uncertainty and change is both a calling and a passion for him. 

John explained the entire transition process and their services in great detail.  We knew what to expect and when, where and how things were going to happen.  He was always readily available by phone or text whenever there were questions.  No matter what his schedule looked like, he rearranged and accommodated our very tight time frame.

The support staff at Caring Transitions was outstanding.  The men and women who came to pack up my parents treasured possessions really cared about the task at hand.  They were compassionate, helpful, efficient and very conscious of donating anything they could before discarding it in the trash.  In addition, they paid attention to and cared for my parents as they went through different stages of emotion through the process.  They took the time to listen and to notice little things - they even stopped to play with the dog.  At the end of the process, we were sorry to see them go because they had begun to feel like family.

I would highly recommend Caring Transitions to anyone who is going through the arduous process of downsizing.  They make an often tough time in life much less difficult and less stressful. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you John and staff!!"

-Carey B.

"Thank you so much! It really was amazing!"

-Dianne L.

"Thank you, thank you for a job well done! You were simply wonderful! You made us feel comfortable and took over in a most professional way. Your staff deserves a big thank you as well. We are happy in our new home and don't even miss our old house. We wish you and your family the very best. We will recommend you to our friends and family."

-Matilda P.

"Thanks for a great job. So glad we got help! It would have been a lot to handle on our own."

P.S. "You have a great crew!"

-Pat F.

"After 54 years in the same house, I couldn't imagine how I could ever move. My health issues were mounting and the challenge of keeping up with the maintenance of my home was overwhelming. My attic was packed with old boxes and mementos, and my basement, garage and shed were filled with all sorts of items once important to my late husband.

John and his Caring Transitions team handled everything for me effortlessly. I could not believe how efficiently they cleared my house and set-up my new home. When I walked into my new apartment, I was astonished how they transformed my two bedroom unit into a magnificent new home! It was beautifully decorated and neatly organized.

I love my new home and can't believe how easy John and his team made it for me to relocate."

-Teddy Z. 

“Your ladies were not only great, efficient packers but gracious and very courteous. They did a fantastic job!! They are two very hard working ladies! Please convey my heartfelt gratitude for all their fine work.

Your moral and planning wisdom have been outstanding. You have offered counsel and comfort in a gentle and gracious manner. Thank you!

There is a good chance I will be calling you in the not too distant future for advice and direction.  For now, I want to say thank you very much. Your wisdom and grace with which you offered counsel is greatly appreciated.”

-Pastor Jim

"John, I can't thank you enough for all the time and effort you put in to make this happen for my sister. I want you to know how much this means to me. If this was the only good you had ever done, it alone would be worth your time on Earth. I really think this is Gina's best chance for any kind of recovery at all. And if she doesn't recover, she will at least be as comfortable as possible. Thank you and your client and everyone else who made this happen for her. Your kindness, empathy and effort will never be forgotten. Thanks."

-Lois P.

"Hi - I'm responding to everyone because I think John Hall  could be a great resource to have in your pocket.  My client used John to handle his downsizing move and could not say enough positive things about him.  John's strength and focus seems to be helping people who need extra guidance in the moving process, things beyond what we, as agents, might typically do.  Among many other things, my client felt he had a wealth of resources to recommend, helped him through the overwhelming parts of downsizing, like which linens or furniture to keep, helped him to arrange the space in his new condo, and provided a tremendous emotional support through what was a really stressful time for a variety reasons."

-Jen N.

"You and your team are perfection. What more can I say. You and your staff treat us like family and that is very much appreciated. Thanks for everything."

-Bernadette and Peter

"Downsizing and moving can be very difficult for seniors, but thanks to John Hall and his amazing staff, our move was anything but stressful. The moving and packing staff are kind and understanding and did a remarkable job. John was there with us the entire time and his kindness and sense of humor were so appreciated! I highly recommend John and his entire staff!!"

-Carole B.

"Moving out of our 30 year home where we raised our children was a daunting task until Caring Transitions stepped in. What a pleasure it was to have these professionals help me get packed up and ready for our next chapter. Everyone felt like family by the time we were done. Wishing everything in life could go this smoothly!"

-Jodie G.

"We were faced with the task of moving my sister from her home to an apartment. We knew we needed help. John Hall and his team came and laid out a plan that relieved our fear, stress and anxiety. Caring Transitions lives up to its name. They worked efficiently and with competence in knowing what to do. They were sensitive to her needs and took great care in moving what was important to her. When she walked into her new apartment it reflected her lifestyle from her home. Boxes were unpacked, bed made, and pictures hung. It was beautiful!

Caring Transitions made moving much easier and even added a little fun. We could go on with much more that they did for us. We truly appreciate their knowledge of the emotional aspect of moving. Thank you."

-Bill and Claudia C.

"Soon after moving my mother to an assisted living community, we realized that her home would need to be sold. While she lived at home we joked about mom being a "pack rat" but when it came time to sell the house it was no laughing matter. My brothers and I were busy and lived some distance from our childhood home. The house was full of things she thought she needed; decades of files, books, pictures, ceramics, artwork and more glasses and plates than I could fathom. We knew the house needed updating and were selling the house "as is".

Not sure where to begin, I called Caring Transitions and felt an immediate sense of relief. The Caring Transitions folks quickly helped us sort items to keep, donate, toss and sell. They de-cluttered the house and staged it for sale. In addition, they held an online auction that more than covered the costs of their services. My mother's home was sold prior to listing for more than our asking price, thanks in large part to the extraordinary work of the Caring Transitions team."

-Jeff B.

"I am looking around my new apartment and cannot believe how perfect it looks. Your staff helped me so much to have a stress-free move. Talking everything over with you about the plans made the move a very smooth one. Thank you for everything!"

-Sally K.

"It is always a pleasure when we work with you, and I know you provide the most caring, thorough work.  Thank you for making this family so happy and comfortable."

-Amanda C. 

"After raising a family in our home of nearly 20 years, we decided to downsize and move closer to work. I was starting a new job about an hour away (where my husband already worked) and was beginning to feel overwhelmed by all we had to do. Our home was substantial; the new home was much smaller but still able to accommodate our three children when visiting. Looking at the tasks to be done, we quickly realized the project was more than we could handle alone.  

We contacted Caring Transitions and their team quickly took control of the situation. What a relief! They helped us sort through our furnishings to identify donations as well as items to be discarded. They helped de-clutter the house and significantly accelerated our ability to have the home ready for listing. We were ready for the spring market and our home sold almost immediately. Subsequently, Caring Transitions carefully packed our belongings, managed the move process, and helped us resettle in our new home. We are so thankful for the support and guidance we received from the Caring Transitions team."

-Melissa B.

"John, thanks for the help today. Caring Transitions is truly a blessing at a time like this. It is wonderful working with you. You are caring, friendly and knowledgeable in the challenges people like me face. And I appreciate the fine advice you always provide. In short, Caring Transitions…priceless. Extend my sentiments to David as well."

-Tom B.

"I appreciate all the help you've given me and the care of the packing.  I wish I could rate your services on the website like Ebay, so I can rate it A+.  Thank you again for the all the help and can't wait to see what other items I can win at your auctions!"

-Derrick Y.

"We just downsized our elder parents to a senior living facility with the help of Caring Transitions of Chester County. From my very first conversation with John Hall I knew we were in good hands. In addition to the move he held an online auction for us. John Hall arranged and guided us each step of the way in an exceptional manner. He spent many hours with us before the move and the sale, making sure every detail was covered. We honestly could not have done this without him and his amazing team. He is extremely professional, compassionate, caring and patient. 

During a challenging time in our lives he took the stress and emotion off our shoulders and focused on making the move seamless, stress free, while still keeping our parents dignity intact. We are extremely grateful and appreciative for all you did for our family. We can’t thank you enough."

- T. Family

 "I wanted to “introduce” you to John Hall, President of Caring Transitions of Chester/Delaware Counties.  I worked a lot with John when I was at Solana, as he took extraordinary care in helping our new residents transition from their home to the Community.  

John 100% of the time exceeded expectations, no doubt about it.  There is no one else I would trust more when it comes to senior relocations…he does it ALL!"

-Ann B. 

"Thanks to John and Dave for the best move and assistance in such a short time. You guys thought of everything and we truly couldn't have done it without your help."

-Aileen F.

"John, thanks so much for taking such good care of my mom & her move. Despite all her protestations of having moved nine times herself, last night she finally admitted what a huge help you were and what a difference your being there had made. I know it made a difference for me as well, since I worried about nothing knowing you were taking care of it all. 

I really appreciate how easy it was to work with you, your attention to detail and your genuine concern for my mom. Thank you again." 

-Ginny H.  

"Thank you for a good job, well done! I couldn't have done it without you and your support. Thank you, thank you!"

-Jane G.

"Thank you for making our "first" online auction a very exciting and worthwhile event! We love everything we purchased and cannot wait for future auctions. It was my pleasure to meet you both and I cannot wait to see you two again the next time we purchase on your online auction.

Wishing you both a very prosperous and successful 2017!"

-Margarita S.

"Thank you, John, for all of your hard work throughout this difficult process."

-Beth F.

"I want to commend and highly recommend Caring Transitions of Chester County for the wonderful service John Hall and the rest of the Caring Transitions team provided my father and I. 

It is very difficult when one realizes that living independently, away from family, is no longer possible. This was what my 90 yr. old father discovered after a fall on ice this winter. In stepped John Hall and Caring Transitions who made the transition of my father's life from Pennsylvania to Texas a smooth, organized event. My father was able to feel that he was in control of the change, in a financially prudent way, while being provided with effective support in deciding what to move, what to donate, and what had served its usefulness and could be thrown away.

Caring Transitions coordinated everything from selecting the right type of mover to carefully packing up my Dad's treasured books and artwork. They loaded all the household goods going to Texas and sent it safely on its way, while ensuring that donated items were picked up and what was left was disposed of properly. They insured that my father's Pennsylvania home was ready to be received by the new owners and coordinated with their representative in Texas to setup his new Texas home. Thank you doesn't begin to express our gratitude for making what could have been a very difficult transition into one which went smoothly with little trauma."

-Catherine O.

"My daughter-in-Law found this wonderful organization and introduced me to John Hall, its driving force.

They specialize in helping the elderly downsize, running an on-line auction of house contents not required in the new location, then masterminding the move into the much smaller location.

In our case we were moving from a substantial Toll Carriage House into a two bedroom, one living room apartment in a Retirement Community . The move was scheduled for July 24. My wife was not suffering from the best of health and on July 22 I was admitted to Paoli Hospital. John did not blink and with the help of my daughter-in-law completed the sale and the move. By nightfall the apartment was ready to move into. Pictures were on the walls, bed erected, TV and computer running, the kitchen and all necessary requirements in their place. The move out and in was completed with the minimum of disruption. John’s good humor was in place at all times.

I really am not sure what would have happened had we been in the hands of an every day ordinary moving company instead of John’s extraordinary organization. I can recommend “Caring Transitions” without reservation. Their charges were reasonable."

-Michael T. 

"Thanks, and thank you for all your hard work.  You have taken such a burden off my shoulders, and are making my move less stressful. Thank you again for helping me with this transition.  Please also thank Kim.  You are caring, wonderful individuals to help people through their downsizing."

-Eileen B. 

"My wife recently died and I found myself having to move to California to live with my children and grandchildren. Since I was moving into a furnished house I had to rid myself of most of our furnishings. John Hall and his team could not have been more helpful and caring in this difficult and emotional transition. His company, Caring Transitions, is well-named!"

-Paul W.

"You weaved a beautiful nest for my beloved mother. I hadn't given much thought to the interior design aspect of all this. Your sensibility is spot-on. The rooms are balanced, beautiful and comfortable. The attention to detail and love that flowed from you and your crew culminated in something truly wonderful for Jeanie."

-Robert B.

"Thank you very much for your services and overall assistance we would not have been able to get everything finished without you. I appreciate the responsiveness and flexibility. If I can be a future reference do not hesitate to ask."

-Steve F.

"We really so appreciate all you did to help us...couldn't have done it without you. I'm sure we'll be back in touch when it's time to clear the last bit, too."

-Kate P.

"My husband and I took a ride to my Aunt's house today. Everything looks great! Again, thank you so much. It is such a relief to have this work off our list! We could not have done it without you or your team's efforts!"

-Camille F.

"Great company that really makes a move easy. Highly recommend."

-Buddy L.

"I appreciate all you and Kim did for us and we will definitely spread your services to anyone we know is moving."




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